IDC Tech Spotlight: <br> Using Autonomous Testing to Power Next-Gen Application Delivery

IDC Tech Spotlight:
Using Autonomous Testing to Power Next-Gen Application Delivery

Business requirements keep changing to meet the demands of the market. On average, 40% of organizations' application portfolios are built and managed using microservices and containers. Organizations expect that more than 50% of their application portfolios will be built and managed using microservices and containers in five years. This marks the need for organizations to see Quality Assurance in a different light. While automation has been helping businesses with faster and cost-effective testing, organizations are now shifting from automation to autonomous software testing in order to make the testing process self-learning and self-healing.

Employing autonomous testing as part of application delivery yields the following benefits:

  • Faster testing cycle times
  • Increased innovation
  • Cost savings and improved ROI
  • Risk mitigation through intelligent business insights and predictive issue avoidance
  • Expedited root cause analysis and bug triaging

Read this insightful paper to learn the use of machine learning for enhancing the capabilities of QA teams. Also, discover how autonomous testing can help organizations to enhance and streamline their application testing and QA activities.

Learn how Autonomous Testing can enable organizations to deliver high quality applications on time with cost efficiencies.

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