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When mergers happen, a bigger organization is born, but that doesn’t make for a better organization. Beyond all the financial ramifications and intricacies of the merger, non-unification of the business systems used by the parent companies is a larger problem. If the merged entity doesn’t tackle this issue with agility, it’s bound to fail. Look at the examples like AOL, Time Warner and Sprint-Nextel.

In case of listed companies, the investors will also take a hit in such situations.

Our customer is a healthcare information services provider, whose origins rise through a merger. They have presence in over 100 countries and have over 50,000 employees. Half of their HCM solution was functioning on on-premises PeopleSoft instances, while the other half was on Workday.

They needed to perform hundreds of integrations across various other downstream business systems for finance, payroll, recruiting, etc. Such complexity was bound to fail unless the customer acted on time. That’s when Hexaware came into the picture.

We engaged with the customer to provide several key business benefits:

  • Seamless integrations to over 80 downstream systems
  • Value-added solutions to handle day-to-day transactional issues
  • Automated existing manual processes for a more effective HR delivery

Our engagement helped the customer reduce manual efforts by over 60%. Learn how Hexaware brought a difference to this customer by downloading this success story now.

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