HFS Point of View – Industrialize Automation with a Process Bot Factory

HFS Point of View – Industrialize Automation with a Process Bot Factory

The pandemic shock created the burning platform to accelerate automation initiatives, but how will intentions become a reality? How will we get to the promised land faster when 30% enterprises still have no plans or are unsure about leveraging RPA, NLP, and other AI technologies; less than 20% enterprises have scaled automation and AI initiatives; and less than 10% enterprises have an enterprise-wide approach to using the Triple-A trifecta (automation, AI, analytics)?

Leading insurance firm Belfius is showing the way by creating an agile-based Automation Factory Model with support from Hexaware to drive automation adoption at an enterprise level. The Process Bot Factory has delivered 100% process standardization and 40-60% automation across multiple processes, and they are not done yet! Read this Point of View to get more insights on:

  • How Belfius’ and Hexaware’s enterprise-wide approach fuels a journey from RPA to intelligent automation and beyond
  • How a dedicated automation team creates this crucial enterprise-wide approach to automation and the plans for emerging technology
  • The scope of the bot factory beyond RPA

Grab powerful insights from HFS Research and Belfius Insurance about their journey to master Intelligent Automation leveraging a unique Automation Factory approach

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