HexCDB – Facilitate Omni-channel Sales for Hotels and Resorts

HexCDB – Facilitate Omni-channel Sales for Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts need to go for direct sales though their own sales and marketing offices or website. This requires substantial initial investment and still has limited reach. They can also opt for customized integration with specific CRS (central reservation system) however they have to pay substantial commission for each booking and the sale is constrained by the popularity and reach of the specific CRS. Instead if they have a HTNG standards based system then they can integrate with a wide array of Online Travel Agents (OTA) systems.

Being a member of HTNG, Hexaware has developed the HexCDB solution using HTNG standards to enable seamless integration of hotels and resorts with the OTA. This allows hotels and resorts to publish their room availability and ARI (average Rate Index) to the OTA to help them make the reservations.

Key benefits:

  • Increase in room sales by 50%
  • Easy integration with the OTA systems
  • Reduction in commission paid to CRS

Download this flyer to know how Hexaware’s HexCDB solution enables easy integration with the OTA systems for improving the time to market.

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