Hexaware – HFS Webinar: Industrialize Automation with a Process Bot Factory

Hexaware – HFS Webinar: Industrialize Automation with a Process Bot Factory


Chinmoy Banerjee
Executive Vice President & Global Head - Business Process Services, Hexaware

Phil Fersht
CEO and Founder, HFS Research

Martin Malengier
Head of Automation, Belfius Insurance

Saurabh Gupta
Chief Research Officer, HFS Research

The pandemic shock created the burning platform to accelerate automation initiatives, but how will intentions become a reality? How will we get to the promised land faster when 30% enterprises still have no plans or are unsure about leveraging RPA, NLP, and other AI technologies; less than 20% enterprises have scaled automation and AI initiatives; and less than 10% enterprises have an enterprise-wide approach to using the Triple-A trifecta (automation, AI, analytics)? 

Leading insurance firm Belfius is showing the way by creating an agile-based Automation Factory Model with support from Hexaware to drive automation adoption at an enterprise level. The Process Bot Factory has delivered 100% process standardization and 40-60% automation across multiple processes, and they are not done yet! 

Listen to this powerful discussion with HFS and Belfius Insurance to discuss their journey to master intelligent automation leveraging a unique Automation Factory approach. We discussed: 

  • Why is it so hard to scale and industrialize automation initiatives?
  • Driving factors and the objectives for Belfius Insurance to start automation 3-4 years back
  • Developing a multi-platform environment to engage in interventions that are of the maximum benefit for business
  • Hexaware’s role in helping Belfius Insurance set up the automation factory 
  • The battle scars and future roadmap 

Industry experts of Hexaware, HFS and Belfius Insurance give insights on the journey to master Intelligent Automation

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