Hexaware and Spryker Partner to Transform Digital Commerce

Hexaware and Spryker Partner to Transform Digital Commerce

To help customers achieve their goal of digital commerce transformation, Hexaware has partnered with Spryker Systems, the creator of Spryker Cloud Commerce OS. This strategic alliance, where Hexaware is a Gold Partner, will focus on creating digital commerce solutions for enterprises that will empower them to settle critical business challenges faster, and in a cost-effective manner.

This partnership aims to help businesses equip themselves with solutions that adequately engage mobile-first, digital-savvy customers. Spryker’s Cloud Commerce OS that offers a comprehensive range of ready-to-use and customizable B2B and B2C features, and enterprise market solutions, plays an integral role in aiding businesses to ace this transformation.

Enhancing Spryker’s highly recognized commerce experiences, Hexaware stands out as the right match, with its established expertise in cloud and experienced Spryker certified developers.

As a trusted Spryker partner, we offer the following service offerings around Cloud Commerce:

  • End-to-end assessment and development using Spryker’s front end, middleware, and back end in the existing tech stack
  • Assembling transition plans for entire or partial migration to Spryker architecture
  • Extensive collaboration with development teams to augment Spryker’s expertise and team structure

To know how the Hexaware-Spryker partnership delivers cutting-edge digital commerce transformation solutions, read our detailed brochure.

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