Get Cloud Smart with Amaze<sup>®</sup>. Win Big with Rapid Cloud Transformation

Get Cloud Smart with Amaze®. Win Big with Rapid Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation has evolved much beyond what it was before the pandemic began. With the new challenges and requirements coming up quickly, cloud migration is no longer just a cost-saving strategy. It has become a time-proven solution to make legacy applications sustain and perform optimally so that you don’t have to invest time and money to build everything again from scratch.

Not all cloud migrations are successful. And the reason lies in the cloud migration strategy that one follows. Getting right cloud education, setting leadership mindset, analyzing current technology stack, and bringing in cloud culture in your organization plays a vital role in deciding the success of your migration. You can’t really dodge all the challenges, but you can act fast and prevent them from becoming showstoppers. This point-of-view covers some vital parameters that one should consider while chalking out a cloud transformation roadmap.

Amaze®, Hexaware’s proprietary cloud replatforming product suite, helps you to adopt a cloud strategy that not only takes you to the cloud in just weeks but also decreases your TCO drastically. This point-of-view highlights the following in this context:

  • What should you know when planning a cloud strategy?
  • The role of technology leaders
  • How leadership influences cloud decisions?
  • Why should you choose amaze® for rapid cloud migration?

Don’t miss out on these expert insights!

Get to know how to plan a successful cloud transformation strategy, understand the challenges and the role of amaze® in making your
on-premise to cloud journey rapid and cost-efficient.

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