Fraud Management in Digital Banking

Fraud Management in Digital Banking

With times like the unexpected pandemic ingraining a shift towards the next-gen banking methods vs. the traditional ones, it calls for more vigilance. A recent spike in the digital banking frauds has been observed, limited face-to-face interaction only adding to the problem.

This brochure lists down the possible frauds that can take place in digital banking and why having a Fraud Management strategy in place is critical. Hexaware stays on top of the challenges faced by customers and offers solutions pertaining to their needs.

Hexaware’s Unique Approach/Value Propositions/Features include-

  • Consulting services – Consulting toolkits to help reach your future state faster
  • Domain expertise – Helps in better conceptualization of the solution
  • Experience in multitude of technologies – Allows to leverage suitable options for the organization
  • Fintech partners – Provides pre-built solution components for rapid implementation

Business Benefits:

  • Early collaboration in client’s transition journey
  • High user convenience and optimal security
  • Effective threat detection and handling
  • Real-time fraud response and alerts

Download the brochure to leverage Hexaware’s effective fraud management solutions to encounter challenges faced in an evolving digital banking landscape.

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