Fast-Tracking Cloud Data Warehouse Adoption using Hexaware’s Cloud EDMA

Fast-Tracking Cloud Data Warehouse Adoption using Hexaware’s Cloud EDMA

Hexaware assessed the current data landscape for the US arm of one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe and came up with an comprehensive roadmap to build a highly scalable and agile data warehouse on Cloud leveraging their Cloud EDMA platform. The 12-year-old on-premise SQL data warehouse of the customer was migrated to AWS Cloud infrastructure leveraging EMR, Redshift and S3 for Cloud data management and analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Hexaware’s Cloud EDMA platform eventually led to savings of over £800,000 of operational expenditure a year in infrastructure and licensing costs
  • Moving completely to Cloud reduced several hours of multi-part data ingestion to automated single bulk load thus saving about 6 hours of data loading time
  • The Cloud data warehouse which was mainly built for internal stakeholders was extended to deliver information and analytical insights for external clients through a self-service model

Download this success story to know how you can reap benefits like flexibility, scalability and reduced costs with a Cloud data warehouse & Analytics ecosystem.

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