Exploratory Testing – A heuristic Testing Approach

Exploratory Testing – A heuristic Testing Approach

The Market Need:

Today’s Users expects high quality applications and software in short time frame and using digital technologies. Organizations, therefore, need to be nimble and quickly respond to competitive threats to create a sustainable market advantage.

A new approach to testing, allows the Quality Assurance team to induct and explore the functionality by simultaneously learning, designing and executing. This new method of testing is called as the “Exploratory Testing” and is considered a value addition to other kinds of testing.

So what is Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory Testing is a thoughtful testing approach. It goes beyond the traditional testing concepts. The method helps in detecting uncovered/hidden defects. It’s an out-of-the-box testing approach, where we don’t go with the usual set of test cases. The tester’s intuition, creative thinking, past experience, knowledge of the product is used in testing the product beyond its limits.

Unique Characteristics of Exploratory Testing:

Unique Characteristics of Exploratory Testing include but are not limited to the following:

  • Simultaneous learning the application in and out; Designing test using heuristic approach, Executing the test cases and Running the test cases
  • Performed by “experienced and passionate testers” with divergent thinking capability
  • Requires interpretive, logical thinking and knowledge in adjudging the paths that would lead to covering most functionality in a short period of time

Download this insightful whitepaper for a detailed view into the Objectives, Techniques, Innovations, Benefits and Risks involved in Exploratory Testing.

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