Time to Digital Leapfrog your Enterprise Data Management

Time to Digital Leapfrog your Enterprise Data Management

The year 2020 is like no other. Though experts have tried to compare it with the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Depression, the COVID-19 pandemic has jolted markets like never before.

The capital market players are directly impacted due to credit holidays, and adjustments to interest rates, credit ratings, cash flow expectations, investment portfolios, tax evaluation, budgets and implementation plans.

The challenges faced by banking and capital market firms are threefold: financial and operational challenges, the need to develop futuristic Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions in high impact areas and prepare a roadmap to address recurring contingencies.

The whitepaper focuses on below listed pressing questions as asset servicing firms and asset managers revisit the data value chain, cost savings and evaluate new revenue streams.

  • How to balance the business-driven vs. technology-driven EDM initiatives?
  • What is the best approach to integrate structured legacy data with unstructured alternate data?
  • Can advanced analytics empower self-service models?
  • What are the top Cloud adoption use cases that should be prioritized?

COVID-19 has led to drastic changes in the banking and financial services industry and the emerging EDM solutions. Download the white paper to know how you can address emergencies better and how adapting to market forces can help scale up growth opportunities.

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