Enterprise Cloud Data Warehouse Solution for one of the stock exchange firms

Enterprise Cloud Data Warehouse Solution for one of the stock exchange firms

Over the last few years, organizations around the world have started moving their data warehouses to the cloud. It provides numerous benefits like reduction in upfront expenses on hardware infrastructures, low ongoing costs such as upgrade and maintenance costs, better performance with ETL processes, flexibility to work with big data formats and structures, and scalability to big datasets. With first-rate professional AWS migration competencies, Hexaware’s cloud modernization service- AMAZE® for Data & AI enables rapid transformation and deployment of data and analytics ecosystems on AWS Redshift.

This case study talks about one such engagement with one of the stock exchange firms of the UK. We infused AWS cloud migration best practices with AMAZE® for Data & AI for replatforming the 12+-year-old SQL server, based on on-premise DW application to AWS Redshift. Based on AWS migration readiness assessment, this cloud migration of SWL to AWS Redshift was expedited by leveraging extreme automation to provide maximum ROI. It led to significant TCO reduction as our strategic solution enabled the elimination of high on-premise data warehouse application licensing costs that formed a major chunk of IT spends earlier. This AWS cloud migration was enabled using the automation and optimization service of AMAZE® for Data & AI, which led to quicker onboarding of new datasets to AWS public cloud. Our automation-led approach and AWS migration strategies also helped to get rid of unnecessary manual efforts.

Business Benefits

  • ~40% quicker lead-time in the onboarding of new datasets to AWS public cloud using AMAZE®
  • 40% effort savings in execution delivered with AMAZE®
  • TCO reduction of 60% with quicker transformation process enabled by AMAZE®

Learn how AWS data migration expert- Hexaware helped the customer to embrace cloud modernization with AMAZE® for Data & AI

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