Enable a Cost-Efficient Digital Clinical Trial Ecosystem

Enable a Cost-Efficient Digital Clinical Trial Ecosystem

Clinical Research Organizations are focusing on cost takeout, cloudification and efficient operations to navigate the current pandemic situation and its aftermath. We understand the nitty-gritties of this transformation journey and have provided cost-efficient services to major clinical research and healthcare data companies for more than 15 years across areas like Clinical Trial Management, Quality Management & Security, Pricing and Scoping, Customer Relationship Management, Compliance, Real-world Analytics, Big Data, HR Systems, etc.

As a partner, Hexaware works with customers by adopting modern delivery to drive operational excellence and improvements in their processes through extreme automation and provide cost-efficient engineering services for future products/solutions.

Here are some key benefits that Hexaware has delivered to the clients in the clinical space -

  • 35-48% increase in productivity leveraging automation-led modern delivery framework, resulting in 2x faster go to market
  • 15% - 40% cost savings through vendor consolidation program and automation led application support ( $6 mn per year)
  • Completed 2000+ enterprise-wide assessments as part of Automate Everything® program
  • Improve Trial Execution Efficiency - eTMF document Classification effort reduced by 80% (AI/ML)
  • 70% manual effort reduction in Pharmacovigilance
  • 25% increase in patient onboarding to clinical trials

Download this flyer to learn how you can digitize and optimize your clinical processes with reduced manual effort, lesser site visits, increased remote monitoring and augmented flexibility

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