Intelligent Automation- Don’T Fear The Technology

Embrace Intelligent Automation- Don’t Fear The Technology

HiPAS Webinar Series: Unfolding Intelligent Automation

Speaker: Nilesh Doshi- Head: Digital Transformation, Europe

This is the first webinar from our HiPAS Webinar Series- Unfolding Intelligent Automation.

Most businesses are now aware of the ever increasing need to embrace Intelligent Automation (IA) and are looking at long-term benefits for competitive advantage across business operations and their market. Interestingly, many companies don’t have the right insights on how & where to start, or which technologies to grip.

In the session, discover

1. Automation Maturity & Prospective Adoption model to build true IA capability

2. Focused approach to start your Automation journey & progressively introduce several layers of intelligence

3. What is there to achieve and What’s Coming?

4. Making it Real - Deep-dive into use-cases for a top 5 bank and a large European Insurer

To know more about our strategic offering HiPAS and used cases, please click here

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