Drive Growth by Reinventing Agent – Carrier workflow using Salesforce

Drive Growth by Reinventing Agent – Carrier workflow using Salesforce

Commercial Insurers have limited solutions available to help their producers, agents and customers effectively and efficiently submit business and collaborate during the quoting and policy binding process. The lack of integrated commercial insurance solutions with automated work-flows between underwriting, policy systems and agent systems- creates lost opportunities, missed quotes, lost revenue and frustrated agents and policyholders. Seamless workflows and integrated systems between insurer and producers will drive better business outcomes and increased submissions, identifying cross-sell and/or upsell opportunities and ultimately leading to increased gross written premiums and commissions.

Join us to understand emerging new strategies and solutions around commercial lines submission, and effective ways of improving customer experience in insurance. Learn how insurance industry technology leaders Hexaware and Salesforce are helping customers create a seamless submission to quote-to-bind solutions with Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud and Vlocity Insurance solutions. Also hear how NBIS solved customer experience challenges using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to improve their sales and operations effectiveness, optimize submission management and increase revenue.

Watch the webinar recording to know more about how Salesforce Financial Services Cloud transformed key insurance processes like sales and policy submission for NBIS, and how you can optimize Salesforce for improved commercial insurance operations.

Watch the Webinar

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