Digitalization Component Framework

Digitalization Component Framework - An Inside-Out Approach To Digital Transformation

Digitalization of Component Framework An Inside-Out Approach to Digital Transformation

Hexaware’s Digitalization Component Framework (DCF) is an inside-out-approach that facilitates the discovery of new areas where automation can be implemented and implants the digitalization accelerators in the value chain, with an objective to improve efficiencies.

Following are the main objectives of Hexaware’s DCF:

  • To create a digital roadmap,
  • To create a robust automation framework,
  • To have an execution and governance model that will give predictable outcomes,
  • To accelerate the go-to-market by leveraging enablers and accelerator solutions
  • To provide a continuous innovation collaborative model

Our DCF is built with an objective to provide a methodical yet flexible approach with emphasis on five key ingredients essential for a successful transformation program - Collaborate, Strategize, Automate, Sustain, Innovate.

Download our whitepaper to acquire new digital transformation opportunities with Hexaware’s Digitalization Component Framework.

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