Digital Operations For Insurance

Digital Operations For Insurance Industry


Insurers today are embarking on a digital journey to meet the ever growing demands of customers, to deliver a consistent and personalized service experience. Cost pressures and capacity constraints, however, continue to exist and insurers are using multiple automation levers, to improve efficiency and customer experience. As a first step, many insurers have begun replacing their multiple legacy core applications with package products like Guidewire suite of applications. This, seemingly, has resulted in just 40-50% straight-through-processing and, 20-30% optimization of operations effort, as multiple manual activities still needs to be managed from outside of Guidewire application. This is primarily due to the colossal amount of unstructured data input received from agents, brokers and customers; which needs to be manually entered in Guidewire application for further processing. Moreover, the insurance business is conversation intensive, increasing the cost of transaction by 10x, with the involvement of customer service executive at the call center. There is a potential to optimize operations effort by another 20-30% with intelligent automation through use of Robotics and machine learning.

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