Demystifying the Journey to Guidewire Cloud

Demystifying the Journey to Guidewire Cloud

More and more insurers are now embarking on the cloud journey for their Guidewire suite of products. The greatest dilemma, however, is the choice between self-managed cloud and Guidewire Cloud. Insurance IT leaders who are yet to make the transition to either self-managed or Guidewire Cloud have several aspects to consider before undertaking the cloud journey such as –

  • What is the state of our readiness for upgrade and migration to cloud?
  • Which InsuranceSuite version to upgrade to and what is the time and effort required to upgrade?
  • What will give better TCO from a 3 to 5-year perspective – self-managed cloud or Guidewire Cloud?
  • What will be the complexity and effort in migrating from self-managed to Guidewire Cloud?
  • What will be the new integration architecture on cloud for API, webservices, batch, message queue?

Download this e-book to learn some more key considerations while migrating to the cloud.

Not sure about your InsuranceSuite™ upgrade and migration to cloud? Download this e-book now and learn our approach for smooth cloud migration.

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