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Data Modernization: Enabling enterprises “ready” for digital transformation journey

Data Modernization: Enabling enterprises “ready” for digital transformation journey

One of the key initiatives of enterprises in their digital journey is to migrate from legacy systems to modern platforms, and consolidate data from disparate systems to a single system. This is key to achieving personalization, speed and data transformation.

Hexaware’s Data Modernization offering helps enterprises in their legacy system modernization with its solution components driving automation and agility.

How Data Modernization Solution helps:

  • Ability to Save Business User Time by automated ruler discoverer and prebuilt rules repository
  • Agile Delivery using advanced data transformation features and configurable rules
  • Improved Predictability using Status Dashboards and Data Insights


  • 30-40% improved efficiency with improved code quality
  • 40% reduced code development efforts
  • Flexible to manage changes in business rules in any phase of the project

To know more about our Data Modernization offering, the solution components and how they enable enterprise digital transformation, download the brochure now.

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