Creating a winning data and analytics strategy

Creating a winning data and analytics strategy

We are living now in a VUCA world, i.e. a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. And, to sustain and succeed as a data-driven business in this environment, a winning data and analytics strategy is key.

With enterprises becoming data companies globally, we see a clear shift in the analytics paradigms today.

Companies want to infuse AI across the value chain, but can they truly ignore the fundamentals of data management? Garbage in is garbage out after all! Only quality data can give you quality insights – not matter how advanced the data analytics stack is.

So, how can organizations create a data and analytics strategy to future proof their data management landscape?

To discuss this, Vaidya JR, the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics business at Hexaware, talked exclusively with CIO talk network and shared his thoughts and insights about creating a winning data and analytics strategy.

Listen to the podcast to know how you can maximize ROI from cloud investments by optimizing the data management ecosystem and building a strong data & analytics pipeline.

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