Context+: Cloud-Based Malpractice Check Solution Reduces an 91% Solution Cost

Context+: Cloud-Based Malpractice Check Solution Reduces an 91% Solution Cost

Hexaware’s cloud-based malpractice check solution reduces 91% solution cost for a leading global education foundation

About the Client:

The client is a not-for-profit educational foundation offering academic programs for schools since 1968. The programs are taught in 4000+ schools worldwide by over 70,000 educators, reaching over a million students annually.

The Business Need:

The client upholds academic honesty as a core principle to ensure fair assessment to all candidates. One of the functions of the assessment was to detect any potential malpractice by candidates, assess and appropriately address the issue with the school and the student(s) concerned.

The existing solution had the following limitations:

  • It only compares 5000 documents at a time, which made comprehensive coverage not possible
  • The solution would cost $ 450,000 annually for 200,000 essays
  • It took 20 person days of effort annually to get the malpractice check report.

The need was to provide an alternate solution for malpractice detection that would scale as the number of submissions increased each year and yet be cost-effective and efficient.

Key Outcomes Delivered:

  • 91% reduction in annual solution cost using Context+
  • Eliminated manual efforts and made match reports accessible online anytime
  • Enabled improved adherence to academic honesty principle through 100% coverage of all student submissions

Read this case study to know more about Hexaware’s Next-Gen malpractice-check solution and our Similarity Scoring Engine, Context+.

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