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Open Mic: Contact Center Customer Experience Amplified through Virtual Production Floor

Open Mic: Contact Center Customer Experience Amplified through Virtual Production Floor

In the sudden pandemic that has caught everyone unaware, streamlining operations, servicing customers in the socially distanced times, managing employees working from home and delivering business results have becoming extremely challenging. So how can enterprises continue to operate their contact centers remotely while mitigating risk to lives and thrive in this crisis?

In this podcast we have with us Gopinath Manian, Vice President BPS Operations, Hexaware Technologies, who shares his unique perspectives on dealing with the challenges of Covid times and how Hexaware successfully services its clients while working remotely.  His veteran expertise is reflected in the invaluable pointers he shares on how enterprises can ensure customer delight through contact center digital transformation and enable virtual production flow to amplify productivity. Gopinath presents valuable insights on Hexaware’s 360-degree customer view approach that helps explore feasible options, better sourcing model strategy and the ability to promote business operations with resilience and efficiency during times of crisis.

Listen to the podcast to get answers to queries like:

  • What options should you consider as part of your outsourcing strategy and provider portfolio considering the current environment and the long run post Covid?
  • The appropriate outlook service providers should pursue to ensure long-term WFH w.r.t their current delivery model in order to reap the benefits it offers
  • How we brought a positive change to the end-to-end customer lifecycle for a global telecom giant by providing exceptional services

Know how to embrace the change for exceptional virtual production floor and improved employee satisfaction, to make work from home a successful reality going ahead, through this interesting podcast.

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