Connect with Experts on Accelerating your Teradata Migration to Snowflake

Connect with Experts on Accelerating your Teradata Migration to Snowflake

The data cloud has become the business imperative for data-driven organizations to drive sustainable growth. Moving to the cloud offers sheer scalability and greater performance with the scope for seamless data integration, advanced analytics and IoT enhanced by autonomous management.

In the webinar, Hexaware and Snowflake experts shared actionable insights with cloud practitioners on shifting on-premise data warehouse to Snowflake. The discussion also highlighted Hexaware’s proprietary tool, amaze® for Data and AI that can fast track data warehouse transformation to cloud with remarkable savings in cost and time.
The webinar focused on the following

  • A real-life case study of a leading global mining major that modernized its Data Warehouse & Analytics ecosystem for business transformation
  • The challenges in migrating to Snowflake from Teradata
  • Hexaware’s Cloud Modernization tool amaze® for Data and AI
  • A quick demo of how amaze® enables Automation-led transformation

An automated assessment of Teradata and your BI ecosystem that took just 6 days

The webinar can help you plan a definitive roadmap for transitioning your on-premise data warehouse to the modern data cloud.

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