Cloudification of On-Premises Data Warehouses

Cloudification of On-Premises Data Warehouses

Data Warehouses on cloud stand to gain where their on-premises counterpart fails. CapEx costs are cut straightaway and substituted by the pay-as-you-go model. Meaning, customers have the flexibility to add and remove resources as per their needs, and the bill is generated only for the period that the resource is used for.

Having the option of a hybrid cloud architecture allows customers to choose which data and applications they want to keep on-premises and which ones they want to migrate to cloud. Benefit of such a structure is that they have a greater degree of control compared to a public cloud.

There are a lot of metrics you need to consider while planning data warehouse migration to cloud. They include:

  • Cost of Migration
  • Duration or Time-to-Market
  • Optimized cloud data management and cloud services
  • Storage requirements
  • Data Security
  • Analytical needs

Download the whitepaper to do a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities cloud provides, what the benefits of Microsoft Azure are and how you can optimize your cloud migration strategy with Hexaware’s custom cloud modernization platform AMAZE™.

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