Client invoice processing automation using Embrace framework

Client invoice processing automation using Embrace framework

Our client is one of the top ten custodians globally, founded in 1931, and has been serving its 140+ clients worldwide. Constant meltdown due to digital disruption made it challenging to manage global clients with manual operations. The client needed a robust technology to transform business processes to withstand the technology outburst.

Hexaware partnered with the client for the legacy transformation project. An outcome-driven holistic transformation started with client invoice processing, a non-core but critical process for every organization. The manual operations and outdated technology in invoice processing led to business challenges like:

  • Process inefficiency due to manual operations throughout the process
  • Manual document management resulting in the risk of incorrect data or invoice process
  • Invoice disputes and leakages leading to rework and escalations
  • Dissatisfied client due to loss of business and reputation

Hexaware proposed the Embrace Framework, an IT/Ops Synergy transformation platform. The framework provides an outcome-driven holistic transformation approach using design thinking principles. The automated invoice processing helped the client reap business benefits like:

  • $4M savings in the Total Cost of Ownership over five years
  • Easy replacement of the invoicing system at any time due to API integration
  • End-to-end transparency at every level of the client invoice processing
  • Cross-sell through a newly created data repository

To know more about the Embrace Framework and how Hexaware created and executed the client invoice processing system transformation roadmap that led to a step-by-step process transformation, download the case study, now!

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