Business Process Transition – TransX

Business Process Transition – TransX

Migration of services to a new partner or transitioning of a Greenfield project entails effort, expertise and agility. To drive outsourcing value from these disruptive business transformation initiatives, Hexaware leverages its robust in-house Transition methodology called TransX which focuses on Client objectives, Minimal disruption to As-Is business, End Customer Experience, Early GO-Green and Effective Risk management in delivering seamless business process migrations.

TransX comprises of 6 phases, each of which is carefully monitored to ensure quality, compliance and timely deliveries for a successful business transition. Hexaware transition experience includes multiple transitions across geographies and industries:

  • Ensured successful migration of services with minimal business impact for a global visa service provider in consolidating its global contact centre operations managed by multiple incumbent partners to 4 delivery locations of Hexaware utilizing intelligent process automation. This is also a successful example of Lift-transform-shift transition approach
  • Seamless migration of 5 complex back office processes with 850+ analysts for a leading global bank from an incumbent partner , to deliver the best of people, process and technology

Hexaware’ s transition enabling services for outsourcing is powered by robust governance, smart methodologies and Intelligent Process Automation to ensure seamless migrations of the business processes. TransX has been successfully leveraged in over 500+ successful business transitions for multiple clients across the globe.

Watch this video to know more about how we can help you execute your outsourcing initiatives successfully

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