Big Data Transformation on AWS Public Cloud for a Leading Global Insurance Company

Big Data Transformation on AWS Public Cloud for a Leading Global Insurance Company

Businesses today are expected to deliver an intuitive customer experience on a consistent basis, failing which, they might end up losing customers to the competitors who can. Big data technologies leveraging big data analytics are one such powerhouse that can aid organizations to get a better understanding of their customers’ need, behavior, sentiments in order to deliver a superior customer experience. The answer to big data transformation lies in the AWS cloud migration with value-driven benefits such as reduced cost of IT; competitive advantage; ability to develop new insights and build new customer applications; ease of integration; limited security risks; and reduced time-to-value. Hexaware’s AMAZE® for Data & AI is a state-of-the-art cloud modernization service that enables rapid transformation and deployment of AWS data migration and analytics ecosystems on AWS Redshift.

This case study talks about one such engagement with a leading French multinational insurance firm looking to manage territorial jurisdiction for customer data from Japan, currently residing in their Singapore data center. The customer wanted to better identification of leads, opportunities and increase ad campaign efficiencies through its key sales, marketing, and customer support users. With professional AWS migration competency, Hexaware recommended consolidation and re-architecturing of the entire data landscape to an AWS data lake and Redshift data warehouse service on AWS Public cloud using AMAZE® for Data & AI as the right fit solution because it helped in optimizing the AWS data migration strategies, shortened the time-to-market, eliminated multiple server and software licensing costs for the data store, data pipeline and visualization. Based on the AWS migration readiness assessment, Hexaware executed the data transfer using the AWS cloud migration best practices.

Business Benefits

  • ~40% quicker lead-time in the onboarding of new datasets to AWS public cloud using AMAZE®
  • Achieved 50% automation while migrating data, data pipeline and data visualization systems to AWS Public cloud resulting in ~50% effort reduction vis-à-vis manual execution with AMAZE®
  • TCO reduction of 60% due to the elimination of high-cost on-premise DW application and quicker transformation process with AMAZE®

Read how AWS data migration helped the customer shorten the time-to-market and what benefits Hexaware’s AMAZE® for Data & AI delivered.

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