Azure Migrate and Management

Azure Migrate and Management

As more organizations are inclining towards cloud migration and optimizing their current cloud infrastructure, the focus has significantly shifted towards cloud migration automation and management.

Hexaware’s Azure Migrate and Management solutions leverage a natively built touchless cloud management platform to cover all stages of Azure application migration – identifying the scope, assessing and structuring a roadmap and migration through a lift and shift approach. For efficient support and governance, we use the cloud adoption framework to secure adaptability for varied intensities of workload.

Our end-to-end migration automation services enable quick turnaround of assessment, sizing plan and execution of Azure application migration. A unified cloud management platform by Hexaware possesses built-in fault tolerance, provides notification management and handles errors effectively.

With our highly secure and reliable next-gen automated application migration services, our clients can avail:

  • Automation of up to 85% at the assessment stage
  • Seamless migration to Azure with 95% automation
  • Elimination of migration defects and cost savings of up to 30-60%
  • Single pane of control and visibility

To explore more about Hexaware’s accelerated, smart and cost-effective Azure Migrate and Management offering, read our detailed flyer.

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