Autonomous Testing: Special Report on Test Automation Frameworks

Autonomous Testing: Special Report on Test Automation Frameworks

The software industry’s current shift towards continuous development and deployment has left testers struggling to keep pace with delivery while maintaining quality. The challenge is even bigger in organizations where applications are developed and deployed across multiple platforms.

When it comes to testing, automation is undoubtedly the key. Automated testing algorithms are highly beneficial because of the following advantages:

  • Early bug detection
  • High return on resource investment
  • Continuous testing with concrete and objective data
  • Smarter resource allocation
  • Reusability of new versions, hotfixes and applications

The need for autonomous testing is rising, but many enterprises are unsure on how to begin implementing test automation frameworks. And testing cannot be comprised of just automation—it has to be smart automation that leverages technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Know about the effective techniques and facts of automated testing like

  • Effective ways to write automated test algorithms efficiently
  • Integration of automated tests into development project
  • Essential quality attributes for test automation framework
  • Advantages of applying AI in software testing
  • AI-driven test automation and Your Future
  • Journey to autonomous software testing to achieve testing singularity

To gain insights about the basics of test automation, its integration into your existing test environment and how AI and machine learning are driving the future through autonomous software testing, download the report here.

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