Tensai<sup>™</sup> for AIOps… Simplifying your Application Automation Lifecycle Journey

Tensai for AIOps… Simplifying your Application Automation Lifecycle Journey

Application managed services has been gaining a lot of attention these days mainly due to the complex nature of applications and heterogenous technology stack involved. It is not an easy task to effectively manage an application portfolio while maintaining its stability consistently along with keeping up with the constant demands for change and transformation. This requires a different approach to application management that can dramatically change the balance between manual and automated management of tasks – a new platform that comes with minimal upfront cost while at the same time changes the game when it comes to automating complex tasks required to keep the application portfolio running and available. Such a platform also needs to be sufficiently intelligent to assess which tasks can be automated and should also be compatible with a wide range of automation methods – whether via RPA-type actions, API-based integration, or direct interactions with a variety of technology protocols.

Hexaware’s Tensai for AIOps is one such automation platform for application management that has been custom-built to address the current and future automation requirements. It is built using open-source components and comes with a host of reusable components and scripts.

Tensai for AIOps - A Game-changer for Application Management

  • Complete modularity & flexibility with simple-to-use interface
  • Role-based access and AES 256-bit encryption for credential storage
  • Analytical dashboard to monitor the bots in real-time via web console
  • 100s of reusable components, libraries, & scripts
  • Easy audit compliance with detailed traces of bots
  • Simultaneous control of multiple clients
  • Zero upfront licensing costs, can be leveraged in a variety of pricing models to suit your needs

Read more about Tensai for AIOps to understand the wide scope of this automation platform and make your application management seamless and cost-effective in just a few simple steps.

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