Automated Migration Approach to COBOL V6

Automated Migration Approach to COBOL V6

Ready to make the shift to improved efficiency? With proven competency in legacy applications maintenance and upgrades, Hexaware offers seamless and innovative solutions that makes it a preferred partner to a varied clientele across industries for COBOL V6 migrations.

Read the brochure to know more about Hexaware’s approach that enables end-to-end ownership to drive a scalable business model.

Challenges mitigated:

  • Reduction in manual efforts
  • Automation-first approach reduces human errors
  • Reduction in technical debt code and improved maintainability of code
  • Predictable/repeatable process to achieve COBOL version upgrade at scale within minimum time

Leveraging Business Benefits With Hexaware:

  • 80% automation of impact analysis using RDz/REXX tool
  • 30% to 40% automation of development/coding using RDz tool
  • Automation-led approach that yields 30% effort savings in comparison to manual/traditional approach
  • Option of fixed price/T&M and output-based pricing models
  • Our automation solution leverages in-house S/W and no additional licenses need to be procured

Download the brochure to know how we can help plan your migration to COBOL V6.

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