Automate Everything® – The New Cupid for BPOs

Automate Everything® – The New Cupid for BPOs

While the power of automation is being discovered to simplify tasks and improve effectiveness, automation as an enterprise-wide strategy is yet to pick up pace. Specifically in BPOs, a key concern is, “won’t automation lead to fewer people and therefore lead to a loss of revenues?” Cost-efficiencies as the primary driver relegates automation to exist in silos, with only a few tasks and processes being automated at a time. There is a struggle to bring together humans and intelligent digital bots to run smarter operations. This POV examines the skepticism surrounding automation in the BPO industry and why leaders must overcome their fears of people redundancy and loss of revenues to realize long-term value. It provides a deep insider view of how the journey can succeed with Automate EverythingTM, Hexaware’s core theme for customer experience transformation.

Key topics in this POV include:

  • What it takes to enable the strategy for automation
  • The principles of Automate Everything®
  • How BPO operations and Automate Everything® can go hand-in-hand
  • Success stories for Automate Everything® in BPO operations
  • Lesson from our automation journey

Read this POV to discover how BPOs can embark on the journey of automation to transform customer experience, reduce risks, and accelerate business efficiencies.

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