Augmenting end-user experience by migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop

Augmenting end-user experience by migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop

Our client, one of the largest commercial real estate and finance groups in the US, wanted to migrate its existing on-premise VMWare Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to a Cloud-based VDI service. They faced challenges as the on-premise VDI environment’s performance was downgrading due to issues in the data center infrastructure. The client realized the need to decommission these datacenters as its existing environment was loaded with multiple complex user applications, and the disjointed infrastructure resulted in a poor user experience. The client also had to deal with the hassles of high provisioning time for onboarding and managing O365 app settings.

After onboarding as the IT transformation partner, Hexaware helped migrate 200 users from VMWare on-premise to WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop)-native. This migration provided global availability of WVD, powered by Azure. With a scalable implementation, the provisioning time for onboarding and offboarding was significantly brought down. Comprehensive solutions for application support and image management were extended while enabling integration with existing policies and data management.

Our solutions brought the following business benefits for our client:

  • 40-50% time savings against manual WVD implementation
  • Better quality of migration owing to more than 70% automation
  • 50% reduction in the overall cost of operations

Explore how a client achieved massive savings in cost and time while achieving agility by migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop.

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