AS400 Automation through iSeries Web Access for a Leading Leasing Company

AS400 Automation through iSeries Web Access for a Leading Leasing Company

The client is a leading UK-based leasing company that leases vehicles across the European market. The company releases more than 20,000 leasing quotes to vendors every month and was looking to customize and prioritize them for more effective engagements. The existing AS400 application had to be automated to increase test coverage and effectiveness and drawbacks had to be identified to eliminate quality risks. The AS400 application should also be able to withstand growth.

Value delivered:

  • 25% faster time-to-market with enhanced test coverage
  • Test effectiveness more than 80% 
  • Reduced dependencies on COTS Test Automation Tool
  • Supported by Selenium (Open Source tool) leading to zero investment on commercial tools with minimized investment on automated regression suite preparation.
  • Faster ROI within 3 test cycles
  • Reduced test maintenance effort due to the use of Hexaware’s Selenium framework with standard reusable function and flow

Download this case study to know how a Leading Leasing Company is able to deliver improved business results by AS400 Automation.

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