APIfication – The New Normal in API and Integration Post COVID-19

APIfication – The New Normal in API and Integration Post COVID-19

APIfication has become the need of the hour when it comes to adopting modern architecture for enterprise digital transformation. API-based integration of systems and processes is quite effective in digitization, and helps to optimize processes along with considerable cost reduction. It further paves the way for strategic enterprise automation through seamless business process integration. As a whole, APIfication makes the legacy application modernization journey hassle-free and opens avenues for omnichannel solution.

This whitepaper gives a detailed insight of what APIfication is and how an effective API strategy enables cost-efficient and performance-centric business process integration.

Some of the key areas covered in this whitepaper are:

  • A detailed walkthrough of what APIfication is
  • How has API strategy evolved over time?
  • Why APIfication has become the new normal post COVID-19?
  • Hexaware’s offerings around APIfication
  • Real-world case studies to understand how APIs have improved business management

Get to know how APIs can be the future of your business and the different ways in which APIfication can be adopted for improved business outcome.

Download this whitepaper to know why APIfication has become the need of the hour and how you can manage your business better by leveraging Hexaware expertise to adopt an API-led, cost-efficient, and automation-based approach.

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