Automation In Application Support & Maintenance

An Exemplification to the Effectiveness of Automation in Application Support & Maintenance (ASM)

This paper explains the implementation of automation in ASM using three best examples of automation bots as case studies. It further talks about automation helping in faster resolution of incidents.

Automation of routine work as well as creative or eccentric work (when converted to routine work), will continue to evolve over time to enable businesses reduce operational and other costs. Businesses have upgraded to offshoring and outsourcing workforce business models to leverage technology and achieve AI-led automation of mundane work.

The future of automation or AI and top researches in automation, will be devoted to help businesses harness treasured human efforts for creative work like research, creativity, innovation and further process automation, thus, keeping operational costs low, while increasing productivity at the workplace. For over a decade, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been applied to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector helping businesses achieve faster and more accurate results. Hexaware's Next Gen Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) has already been gaining momentum applying similar methodologies and has reached a matured stage within a few years.

Read this whitepaper and understand the future of automation, as discussed by industry veterans.

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