Amaze<sup>®</sup> is Here! Reduce TCO by up to 50% through Cloud Migration of TIBCO BW

Amaze® is Here! Reduce TCO by up to 50% through Cloud Migration of TIBCO BW

Don’t let your on-premise TIBCO BW application become a roadblock in your growth. Get amaze® for seamless and rapid cloud migration of the TIBCO BW application to any cloud by leveraging open-source technologies. What more? amaze® follows an intense automation-led approach that not only reduces your manual efforts considerably, but also brings in more precision and speed in the legacy application cloud modernization process.

Amaze® is a one-stop-shop for end to end application cloud replatforming of TIBCO legacy on-premise applications and makes your applications more flexible, scalable, secure, and future-ready. It assesses your application very quickly for cloud readiness and generates a detailed report to plan your cloud transformation strategy. The cloud migration leverages automation at every phase with minimal efforts by our cloud experts.

Key Business Benefits of amaze®:

  • TCO reduction by up to 50%
  • Overall cost saving of 50%
  • Automation helps to complete the migration 50% faster than the manual efforts
  • Predictable performance and quality
  • Improved developer productivity
  • Better time-to-market

Considering the current industry challenges and future cloud transformation trends, amaze® will surely enable you to make the most out of your TIBCO BW applications by taking them to the cloud.

Get amaze® to accelerate cloud transformation of legacy TIBCO BW applications, realize 50% reduction in the TCO and implementation costs.

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