AI based Demand Planning and Forecasting in an uncertain world

AI based Demand Planning and Forecasting in an uncertain world

In the post COVID world, there is now a heightened need to understand individual consumer preferences across multiple channels, predict demand accurately and then respond with the right inventory within the specified time window.

Incorrect demand forecast can cause a bullwhip effect throughout the organization resulting in supply chain inefficiencies and reduced profitability. A high-fidelity demand forecast connected with operational planning is therefore of paramount importance in reducing the bullwhip effect.

Discussed in this white paper:

  • Approaches to demand planning and forecasting that use artificial intelligence and machine learning that combine the available data for operational planning simulation.
  • This predictive analytics approach driven by AI based demand forecasting will reduce fulfillment lead-time, backorders arising from mismatched supply and demand and lower excesses and more.
  • Delve into the efficiencies of the ‘Predict-Demand Planning’ demand forecasting solution, its AI based demand forecasting effectiveness, predictive analytics accuracy and real time responses.

Predict-Demand Planning solution from Hexaware senses customer preferences and other demand signals in real time to analyze and simulate various forecast scenarios for greater accuracy in demand planning and forecasting information. For more detailed insights, download the whitepaper now.

Explore how AI based demand planning enhances demand forecasting effectiveness with accurate predictive analytics. Get your copy of this informative whitepaper.

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