Accelerating Migration from On-Premises Appliance to Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Accelerating Migration from On-Premises Appliance to Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Modernizing EDW on Snowflake’s Data Cloud is a cost optimization project that will help enterprises reduce inefficiencies and maximize performance in a highly challenging economic landscape. One of the primary considerations, apart from cloud readiness, will be the initial cost of migration.

This white paper looks at how you can adopt smart, accelerated and cost effective means while migrating to Snowflake, and achieve agility, flexibility and scalability with almost zero business disruption.

Snowflake’s Data cloud is global platform for all the data and all essential workloads, with boundless and seamless data collaboration provides it in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. It is built ground up for cloud, is faster, easier to use, with measurable utilization linked to the cost, supporting the basic cloud principles. Snowflake Data Cloud customers have almost tripled since 2018, fueling their revenue growth by a whopping 247% year on year.

But there are challenges in migrating an on-premise DW Appliance to Snowflake's Data Cloud like:

  • Choosing the best method for migration
  • Embracing automation for cost and time savings
  • Understanding the complexity to determine the scope of procedural scripts in migration
  • Understanding and redesigning SQL functions
  • Extracting data from end-of-life appliances
  • Ensuring integrity of reporting layer

Read the white paper to know how you can adopt Snowflake's Data Cloud to accelerate business performance, while reducing costs and efforts with automation.

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