Implemented Automated Virtual Agent For Utility Firm

A large water supply and utility company implements Automated Virtual Agent

The utility industry has always been challenged by issues such as regulatory laws, emphasis on limited use of natural resources, and most importantly, the rise in consumer expectations influenced by digital technologies. This has affected the industry at large and has made the utility industry to look at the factors which they could control i.e. focusing in meeting the customer expectations. As a result, the utility companies have started to look at digital technologies as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

This project describes on Hexaware’s experience with a large utility company in creating and launching Automated Virtual Agent to handle water related inquiries. This story focuses on

  • Improving productivity of chatbots leveraging new technologies such as ML and NLP
  • Minimizing manual efforts to segregate utterances from chat logs
  • Equipping chatbots with contextual understanding capabilities for better responses

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