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September 26, 2022


Hexaware Technologies is a leading Global IT Consulting and Digital Solutions provider that is empowering businesses worldwide to realize digital transformation at scale and speed. As a Guidewire PartnerConnect partner, Hexaware delivers Guidewire services for Property & Casualty insurers. Our platform-driven approach of providing complete automation, full-cloud enablement, and personalized customer services endeavors to drive growth in the insurance sector. 

Hexaware continuously strives to push for modernization and innovation in insurance and share its learnings with the industry. The fast-growing IT consulting company is glad to be a Gold sponsor of this year’s Guidewire Connections, which will occur from October 23 to 26, 2022. The event provides a great networking opportunity for P&C insurers, Guidewire customers, and partners to discuss the future of insurance and share valuable insights on efficient claims handling and providing a market-leading customer experience.

At this event, Hexaware will be co-presenting with its client Tryg, a leading insurance provider in the Nordic countries. In its quest for efficient claims handling and delivering market-leading customer satisfaction, the insurer leveraged Guidewire CustomerEngage for Account Management to significantly enhance claims visibility and improve claims handlers’ efficiency. Join Tryg and Hexaware as they discuss the details of the project and its successful delivery and results.

Inger Lise Angelskår, VP of Finance and Development Claims and Michael Poulsen, VP & Head of Business Technology at Tryg, will talk about delivering a top-notch customer experience using Guidewire Digital in an interactive discussion with Vijay Raghavan from Hexaware. “As a Guidewire PartnerConnect Consulting partner, over the years, we have taken a great sense of pride in having helped insurers with their digital transformation. We are an organization with deep engineering roots, and we continue to build and innovate automation tools and assets. These, backed by our world-class certified workforce, dramatically reduce the time to market and significantly reduce transformation risk associated with digital insurance programs,” says Vijay Raghavan, Head of Insurance Europe, Hexaware.

Inger Lise Angelskår, VP, Finance and Development Claims, Tryg, said, “My personal ambition and Tryg’s vision are to be world-leading in claims handling and using technology to achieve this goal. ‘Follow my claim’, an initiative to keep customers informed in a secure manner, along with other projects we do with Guidewire, Hexaware and other partners are geared towards this goal – leveraging technology to achieve world-class claims handling. The journey with Hexaware and Guidewire in relation to ‘Follow my Claim’ has been very rewarding, especially with the ability to understand the business value and design a technically strong solution.  ‘Follow my claim’ solution increases transparency and customer engagement in a secure GDPR compliant manner – which is very important for Tryg.”

Michael Poulsen, VP & Head of Business Technology, Tryg, says, “Legacy system transformation is a huge and complex job requiring a lot of people, commitment and attention. At Tryg, we have been successful with this by using an agile approach, smaller iterations, and commitment from the top. For us in Tryg IT, it is important that we attract top-notch system integrators that fit into the way Tryg works and the culture that we have. But that also comes with experience, a professional way of working and adapting to the system. Our collaboration with Hexaware has been tremendous. We’ve received a lot of help on the quality part and “follow my claims” online. We’ve learned a lot of things together that can be shared with the world.”

Learn more about Hexaware’s Guidewire digital capabilities here.

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