Rupesh Mithani, on Customer Experience Transformation, in a compelling conversation with Modern CTO

Tune in to this Modern CTO podcast with Rupesh Mithani, Senior Vice President, CXT Engage (GTM), where he share the big picture on customer experience transformation, the evolving trends, and how Hexaware is helping businesses shape up for sustainable growth.

Warming up with interesting insights on his professional journey in the technology space, Rupesh shares his thoughts on how understanding customer needs and solving their business problems can play a pivotal role in offering 360° value for forward-thinking organizations. Stressing how Hexaware has simplified its landscape with its value propositions on holistic business transformation with a three-pronged strategy, he highlights that immersive digital experiences, automation, and cloud is key to achieving winning outcomes for all-weather business scenarios.

The conversation looks at how it is paramount for customer personas to be engaged throughout their journey, their touchpoints evaluated, and to deliver seamless experiences. It is about looking at the entire transformation holistically, core digital transformation working in synergy with enhancing customer experiences. Another important nugget shared is being nimble and agile in building a roadmap and looking at shorter three-month timeframes to factor in change and rapidly emerging technology and market dynamics. Customer experience is evolving, end platforms have improved, and organizations also need to look internally at how they are serving clients.

The podcast throws light on how Hexaware is enhancing employee experiences with digital collaboration and continuously improving processes to streamline efficiencies and adopt a better way of working. Rupesh also shares interesting perspectives on leadership, management, mentorship, and learning and avers that working on small goals can build momentum and make a big difference. In his words, the right people deliver success, and with a diverse workforce and a collaborative learning culture, Hexaware is the place to be.