Reimagining banking with Digital Twin Technology

PodcastMarch 30, 2021

Disruptions have forced the paradigm to shift resulting in unprecedented changes that are transforming the way banking and businesses work. Banks cannot risk downtime as it would cause a massive impact on their customers, operations, and profits. Discussing the smart strategies to be followed by banks for a successful digital transformation, we have Satish Saini, Head BFSI Business Process Services Europe with Banking Technologist Mridul Rajdeva Mahan, who heads Investment Banking Technology for Deutsche Bank.

This podcast is cutting through the noise around digital twin and focuses on how banks are embracing new technologies to improve efficiency, sustainability, and uninterrupted financial continuity. Principal areas of focus include:

  •  Best practices and smart strategies for setting up a natively digital ecosystem to implement digital twinning.
  • Driving an agenda that is not digital or one that orphans the concept of digitalization but implement an agenda that is natively digital.
  • Leverage futuristic technology, cloud-friendly setup, and the outside edge for creating a digital twin to derive best benefits of a digital twin customer experience and more