Neil Fox in a chat with Nic Mulkey, VP of Technology at Life Time Fitness on ‘How emotional quotient is a key factor in business transformation’

In this Thoughtcast, Neil Fox, CTO at Hexaware, talks to Nic Mulkey, Vice President of Technology at Life Time Fitness who shares his business transformation journey on how he helped unfold a vision into reality factoring in the human aspect.

Earlier, the business faced challenges with misalignment, lack of communication between employees and misjudged responses to business needs. Now that social distancing is a norm, it has been further affecting communication between employees, impacting their performance and productivity.

According to Nic, in this virtual world, we can drive culture and synergy by:

  • Setting communication as a priority and having a same vision to operate as one
  • Conducting regular meetings to understand and serve business requirements
  • Connecting with the offshore team to address their challenges

Listen to the thoughtcast to understand-

  • Why you should consider Emotional Intelligence over Intelligence Quotient
  • How personalization can lead to emotional involvement
  • How digitalization can be a key differentiator
  • Benefits of leveraging Data and Business Intelligence
  • How to engage a distributed workforce to improve employee experience