Neil Fox in a chat with Kal Majmundar, CTO at Patelco on How Technology Enables Scaling Up Remote Work Environment During Pandemic

PodcastJune 26, 2020

Knowing the client’s nature of business, this podcast witnesses an interesting discussion on how the client resisted the impact of this pandemic and did not let it affect their core mission of promoting the financial wellbeing of their customers.

While they had to deal with multiple channels of interaction, the client identified the challenges and designed a roadmap for the same. They formed a core team to focus on how they could enforce a remote workforce and also provided technical support for seamless working practices. With social distancing being the new norm, people are longing to have face-to-face conversations, missing being a part of a meeting demanding physical presence, etc. With the current crisis taking a toll on everyone’s mental wellbeing, the client advises this is the time you need to be there for your team. They need to know how the organization is supporting their goals, checking up on their health, etc.

Listen to this podcast to know-

  • Benefits of reprioritizing resources with a remote workforce
  • How to address changing customer needs during unanticipated crisis
  • How to re-examine processes to streamline things for an effective outcome
  • How to leverage technology for digital transformation
  • Significance of co-ordination and collaboration