Neil Fox in a candid chat on ‘How adopting digital transformation can help mount unforeseen instances like the COVID-19’

The masses are facing many unprecedented challenges with the advent of COVID-19 across the globe. One of them being social distancing – a restriction imposed by government to control the crisis. Owing to this restriction, employees have started working from home.

This rapid change brought further transformations in the way people operate. The focus is now on ‘Digital Transformation’ and why adopting it over the traditional approach is the need of the hour.

In this podcast, Neil Fox, CTO at Hexaware, chats with Joshua Fox, a Digital Transformation expert, of a leading multinational company. They discuss why organizations should adopt digital transformation at an early stage and explore ways to help customers embark on a seamless digital transformation journey.

Listen to the Podcast to know how you can:

  • Create an agile and nimble organization
  • Prepare for unanticipated times like the COVID-19
  • Allow enabling/disabling of databases or other IT services
  • Help automating manual processes such as HR, finance, etc.