Machine Learning at Scale – An AI ML podcast

Soundar, our data science practice head, in a freewheeling chat with Modern CTO, shares interesting perspectives on the need for Machine Learning (ML) at scale, AI and Machine Learning trends, the challenges, the possibilities, the Hexaware approach, and the way forward. Interspersed with personal vignettes, it makes for a compelling conversation.

Tune in to the podcast to hear from the Data sciences expert on

  • Unearthing business insights with statistical algorithms
  • Evolution and growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • How scaling On-prem ML models can be a difficult process
  • How the cloud allows for the greater scaling of ML models
  • How automation of ML models can be a game changer
  • The synergy of statistics, technology, and domain knowledge
  • The need for the models to be free from bias and responsible
  • ML model deployment, monitoring, retraining and governance
  • The Hexaware Data Sciences community and business use cases