Open Mic : Dealing with challenges in Banking and Financial Service BPO transitions (Part 2)

This session of the Open Mic Season2 with Ashish Gore, a banking Domain Transition expert and the Head of Transition at Hexaware Technologies is the second in the Transition-BFSI special series; a 3-part podcast that provides insightful details on the challenges in BPO transitions, BPO Processes and managing outsourcing service providers.

The previous episode outlined the importance of completing the access transfer between the team and the Service provider and securing regulatory approvals on time. The objective of this episode is to provide the listeners with an inside view of all that goes into making transitions in BPO processes for our Banking and Financial Services clients a success.

The main topics covered in this episode are the challenges the clients can expect to encounter during BPO Transition:

  • The importance of completing the transfer of access for the team with the Service provider and securing regulatory approvals on time
  • A clear segregation of retained vs. outsourced and earmarking of all processes that need to stay within the bank as per the regulators or the magnitude of the financial impact
  • Getting the Seed team to identify critical resources going to move over to the supplier
  • Ensuring effective knowledge transfer or training readiness and a well-defined strategy for future team members rebadging or rehiring

You can address additional queries or concerns you may have with Ashish at the provided link. To get the complete picture, listen to the podcast