Biju Shoolapani in an insightful chat with Modern CTO to decode the process of Digital Core Transformation

Technology is resourceful and none of us can deny that. However, when it has to be implemented to achieve business transformation, it should contribute to the overall business outcomes. This brings in the conversation about transmitting technology in the right way, or in a way that aligns IT with business.

Our Global Head for Digital Core Transformation (DCT), Biju Shoolapani, speaks about how right-fit technology can be a game-changer as enterprises make their way towards digitalization.

He reveals that it’s the passionate people and the collaborative work culture of Hexaware that drew him to the organization. This determined set of people drive substantial change and business benefits for customers that elevates customer satisfaction to customer delight.

Talking about how Hexaware and DCT, specifically, uses technology to modernize core IT systems for enterprises, Biju highlights our platform-led approach that is adequately supported by our cloud re-platforming accelerator Amaze®, initiatives by Mobiquity to enhance customer experiences, and tensai® – a platform that enables end-to-end automation of IT functions.

Breaking down the stages that encapsulate our DCT offering, Biju sheds light on the following:

Optimization, wherein we evaluate and rationalize the customer’s service landscape thoroughly to identify the processes that need digitalization and set the stage for modernization.

Modernization, wherein we map out the apt functions that reflect the customer’s business goals and define the approach to modernize them – re-platform, re-host, re-factor, etc.

Transformation, this is the stage where businesses can scale, provided they realize the need to integrate with the larger ecosystem and steer towards data monetization.

Moving ahead in the conversation, Biju talks about how emerging businesses have a lot of services to choose from. Listen to our podcast for an elaborated account of the mentioned stages and to gain insights on:

  • Steps for new businesses to achieve organic growth in the industry
  • Programs and assistance at Hexaware to develop emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Learning from past ventures
  • Leadership approach at Hexaware