Tony Mohanty & Nagendra BS from Hexaware in a chat with Sanjog Aul on the Shift from Automation to Autonomous Software Testing

PodcastJuly 20, 2020

Digitization is helping organizations leap ahead by exceeding customer expectations. For digital readiness, organizations need to leverage technology for innovating products and services and ensure their swift deliveries too. This speed cannot be achieved through the traditional human-dependent approach in testing. So, the next logical step is to progress from automated software testing to autonomous software testing for reaping the benefits from the advantages of AI/ML and thus minimizing the dependency on human intervention through self-learning.

With autonomous testing, organizations can:

  • Reduce QA efforts by 40% to 70%
  • Achieve more than 60% efforts optimization with superior quality
  • Achieve 50% to 75% cost savings, reduced delivery times and enhanced customer satisfaction

But how does autonomous testing work? Is it ready for implementation in the real world? How can organizations transition from test automation to autonomous testing, seamlessly and with confidence?

To get answers to these queries and more, listen to this podcast that takes us through the journey of graduating from automation to autonomous testing.

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